Luc Claus

Luc Claus developed an autonomous visual vocabulary at the interface between figuration and abstraction which, averse to any form of symbolism (which he not only avoided, but also mistrusted enormously), unconsciously still became the bearer of a repressed symbolism, derived from the Christian tradition. In this his realities converge with other realities which he, consciously or unconsciously, intentionally or unintentionally makes visible in his drawings. Despite the apparently detached formalism, one gets the feeling that 'one is forced to wander around in an atmosphere of suffering, sacrifice, need and self-destruction.' - Lieven Van Den Abeele

When you create an idea, you filter it; new concerns are released through the execution of the idea. I don't believe in the idea in and of itself.

If it's easy, you're doing something wrong. You could say that I'm always making the same thing. I still haven't said everything there is to say about that thing. In the end, you still discover an awful lot in yourself. - Luc Claus